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By the time a franchise concept is a household name it's too late to get in on the ground floor. How can you find the hot new franchise concepts and get in before others have even heard of the opportunity?


Learn the "Roadmap to Success" from local franchise experts

Whether you will be a first-time business owner or are a serial entrepreneur, FranNet can show you how to find the best franchise business opportunity for you. Find out how at the workshop, register now. Whether you want the new hot opportunity or the confidence of a decades old franchise system, FranNet’s methods will help you zero in on the best opportunity for you.

If you desire a semi-absentee franchise opportunity that you can run while employed, want to diversify your current small business portfolio, are already in a career transition or are ready to leave the corporate workforce for the freedom of business ownership, the workshop teaches you methods to find the best franchise opportunity for you. Register now for the workshop.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Millennial, Baby Boomer or from Gen X, FranNet works with a carefully pre-screened portfolio of top franchise systems looking to grow their business with new franchisees who are just the right fit. Find out the top franchise systems for which you are their potential top performer. Register now for the workshop while space is still available.

You WILL Learn at the Workshop

Learn about these topics and more!

Franchise Investment and Income Levels

Learn the range of investment and income for franchise businesses from under $50,000 to over $1,000,000.

Correlations to Franchise Income

Learn why high income doesn’t always require high investment and the real correlations to income.

Most Common Mistake

Find out the biggest mistake that you can make when investing in a franchise business.

Lessons from Franchise History

Discover how to apply repeatable economic patterns to evaluate today’s franchise opportunities.

Hot Opportunities vs. Not Opportunities

You don’t need a crystal ball but the checklist that the experts use will help.

Value of Franchise Fees

What you should get in exchange for your franchise fee.

Value of Royalties

Why paying royalties may put more money in your own pocket.

Best Franchise Opportunity for You!

Leave the Workshop with a process to help find the very best opportunity for you.


FranNet has helped thousands of people invest in franchised businesses.

"Business ownership was a big step for my wife and me, and FranNet was simply indispensable. The seminars and meetings with the local FranNet Expert gave us a much needed understanding of the evaluation process in reaching an educated decision on a franchise. We found our local FranNet Expert to be honest and straightforward in his approach. They did not try to make every franchise sound like it was best for us, and he encouraged us to meet and talk with the different franchise owners of the businesses we were evaluating. Our local FranNet Expert made it very clear to us that we should do our due diligence before deciding on our franchise. We have no reservations about recommending FranNet highly."

Lawrence Feagin
Brownstown Township, Michigan

"I am so thankful that I attended one of FranNet's seminars! It changed our lives. I was looking to start a business, but didn't know how to begin. The FranNet Expert was both professional and knowledgeable with his approach. He stayed in touch, getting to know us, but not imposing, and gaining our trust and giving us confidence to move forward. He presented us opportunities on a few different businesses and we found a 'great fit' to match our life style. In just 5 short months we were new, but secure owner operators."

Mark Derylo
Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Before meeting my local FranNet Expert, I had no experience with Franchise Consultants. Today, I own my own business (which suits me to a "T"!) and I can honestly say that it would have never even been a blip on my radar without FranNet. Along the journey my local FranNet Expert was an adviser, friend, confidante, adversary and coach. She led me through each phase of discovery and purchase with knowledge, humor and practical experience. I would encourage anyone to explore opportunities with FranNet. They will lead you in the right direction and help you achieve dreams that you never imagined were within your reach."

Susan Nagi
Phoenix, Arizona



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If you don't follow your dreams, you will end up working for someone who followed theirs.

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